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Orthodontic Archwire

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Orthodontic Archwire

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Product introduction: the stainless steel orthodontic arch wire is made of high quality stainless steel, which is a kinds of orthodontic materials with stable and cheap.
Product characteristic:
1. Good bio-compatibility
2. stable in chemical, processing and forming convenience, good welding performance, abundant sources of materials
3. Make sure the stability of the structure and shape
Product specification:
1. According to the cross section shape of the stainless steel orthodontic arch wire: round, rectangle
2. According to diameter of cross section shape:
Round: 0.012upper/lower, 0.014upper/lower, 0.016upper/lower, 0.018upper/lower, 0.020upper/lower,
Rectangle: 0.016*0.016upper/lower, 0.016x0.022upper/lower, 0.017*0.022upper/lower, 0.017*0.025upper/lower, 0.018*0.022upper/lower, 0.018*0.025upper/lower, 0.019*0.025upper/lower, 0.021*0.025upper/lower
Product function: For orthodontic treatment, in clinical practice, install stainless steel orthodontic arch wire onto the bracket, to provide corrective force for the correction of malformed teeth and to achieve the goal about straightening of teeth.
Product structure: stainless steel orthodontic arch wire is made of high quality medical stainless steel, which is with excellent mechanical properties and supply better corrective force in orthodontic treatment.
1. This product is only available for professional dentists.
2. Clean tooth surface, paste bracket and other preliminary work before use and sterilize the arch wire.
3. Select the arch wire that conforms to the patient’s normal arch shape, and use pliers to cut off the redundant end.
4. Put the arch wire in bracket correctly, the end is re-curved as needed, fix the arch wire in the bracket with ligature tie or power chain, and the arch wire will provide a durable recovery to its initial bow shaped recovery correction.
Delivery and shipping:
all products can be delivered by Express, by air and by sea according to your order quantity, generally speaking, if the weight is less than 45 kg, Express will be the first choose, weight is 45kg-200 kg, will choose by air, weight is more than 200 kg, the goods will be delivered by sea.
Q: Is there nature form for this stainless steel orthodontic archwire?
A: yes, we have nature form, square form and ovoid form.Orthodontic Archwire

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