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College football and NFL football are two completely

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College football and NFL football are two completely

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Among the long list of differences are the rules http://www.seahawksauthorizedshops.com/authentic-cody-barton-jersey , the quality of players, and the differing styles. College football has wider hash marks than the NFL, meaning sometimes it is easier for an offense to run the ball because of the large amount of space it may have on the outside. Of course, the NFL has better players because it has less teams and gets to pick the best players from college, who then go on to mature as professionals. With so many teams, it is understandable that college football can have teams that are pass-heavy offenses, run-heavy offenses and balanced offenses. The defenses can be just as versatile Gary Jennings Jr. Jersey , while the NFL often has gotten the reputation of being a copycat league, where teams try to mimmick what is successful at the moment.So, with the NFL being a harder league to standout in, and with better players, how can players be better in the NFL than they were in college? Also, how can those players who dominated as collegians not shine in the NFL? A look at these eight NFL players who are better as pros, and seven who peaked in college http://www.seahawksauthorizedshops.com/authentic-phil-haynes-jersey , might provide some answers to those questions. It's April, which means it's almost time for the 2018 NFL Draft to take place. There is a lot of speculation of what is going to happen within the first round. Will the Browns take a quarterback like Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen number one overall? Will they avoid the quarterbacks and take Penn. State running back Saquon Barkley? What will the Jets do with their newly acquired third overall pick? The list goes on and on. There have also been a fair amount of trades that have happened so far over the course of the off-season. The Rams have been busy, acquiring guys like Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib in order to bolster up their defense for hopefully a longer postseason run during the 2018-2019 campaign. There is a lot that can happen over the course of an off-season. But what about the players that almost had a different, new home before making their final decision?There are sometimes the situations where players will look like they are going to one team, but then all of a sudden, they surprise everyone and go somewhere completely different. It makes sense as players have to take into effect number of years on the contract, how much they will make per year Ugo Amadi Jersey , who the team is, family, etc. This list takes a look at certain NFL players that almost ended up somewhere completely different than where they ended up. I'm sure there will be a lot of fan bases that will be angry at one of these players for not joining up with their beloved team. But without further adieu, let's look at 15 current NFL players that almost went to different teams.

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